Who Is Just Blane?

The Creator

He is the CEO and Founder of Ride The Wave Media, a podcast network that puts creators first. He has worked in the entertainment industry for over two decades with the biggest celebrities in music, movies, and television. He has produced over 10,000 pieces of content for major companies such as iHeartRadio, Apple Music, NBC Sports, PodcastOne, Big Boy’s Neighborhood, Strombo, and more. He was a crucial part in the launch of NBC Sports Radio, Apple Music Hits, Big Boy 24/7, and more. He also has credits on a few video games including VR producer credits in Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse.

Why Just Blane ?

With over two decades of experience, he can help bring the most creativity out of you with very little effort. Just Blane’s mentorship and guidance will take the “How” out of the equation for you and let you focus on the “What”.

Modern Technology

Stays Up To Date With Technology So You Don’t Have To! Virtual Studios hosted by established producers for hassle-free creativity.

Podcast Network

As CEO of Ride The Wave Media, a podcast network, Just Blane can have your show distributed to every major podcast platform with lightning fast delivery!

Creative Development

A Partner For Creatives Of All Levels. Let Just Blane help you bring your vision to life.

Digital Strategy

Will Help You Create A Plan For Effective Engagement With Your Target Audience.

Experience a New Level of Creativity

Unlock new levels of creativity! You will also benefit from Just Blane’s mentorship and guidance, as well as his network of contacts and influencers. You can also have creative freedom and support for your vision, and trust that the network will help you reach your goals. Moreover, you can gain more recognition and exposure for your podcast on Ride The Wave Media, as the CEO’s name and reputation can enhance your credibility and authority, and their endorsement and promotion can boost your visibility and popularity.

20 +

Years Experience

10k +

Shows Produced

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Clicks Across All Platforms



What Can Just Blane Help With?


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Just Blane’s Highlights

Multiple Shows

NBC Sports Radio

Just Blane helped launch NBC Sports Radio when he joined Westwood One in Culver City, CA. He would produce thousands of shows for NBC and also convert them into podcasts. He was the executive producer for former New England Patriot, Rodney Harrison’s show, “The Safety Blitz”.

Big Boy’s Neighborhood


Just Blane would join iHeartRadio and produced the hip-hop juggernaut, “Big Boy’s Neighborhood” during an epic run between 2015-2020. While there he worked with hundreds of celebrities producing thousands of shows. He also launched Big Boy’s podcast network to open new avenues of engagement with listeners.

Vince Russo’s The Brand


Just Blane leveraged his professional wrestling background in the N.W.A. to land a job as the producer for former WWE/WCW writer, Vince Russo. He would also produce special episodes of Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Show and a very top secret episode when Chris Jericho interviewed The Youngbucks.


Apple Music Hits

In 2020, one week before the pandemic, Just Blane left iHeartRadio and went to Apple Music. In August of 2020, Apple Music Hits, a 24-hour live station, launched. Just Blane would produce over 700 episodes and specials for STROMBO. The show was daily and aired live in 165 countries.

iMiss Punk

Apple Music

Just Blane created Apple Music’s first audio docuseries, iMiss Punk, which explores the roots and evolution of punk music. The series features interviews with influential punk artists, rare archival footage, and curated playlists of punk classics and modern adaptations. iMiss Punk is a must-listen for anyone who wants to learn more about the rebellious and revolutionary genre that changed the music scene forever.

The John Lennon Special

Apple Music

Just Blane had the privilege of working with Sean Lennon and Yoko Ono to produce Apple Music’s “The John Lennon Special”. The host of the episode was Canadian legend, George Strombo. This was the first of many specials that the pair produced for Apple Music.

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